Ganzu Bauren (Ganzu Bauren)

Ganzu Boren
Wonrei and Li-en
English Incantation: Ganzu Bauren
Japanese Incantation: Ganzu Bauren
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Type: Attack Episode: 71
Chapter: 132 Video Game: N/A
Martial arts
Martial Arts
Description: Ganzu Bauren is one of Wonrei's spells. It strengthens Wonrei's fists with energy, which is discharged in the form of multiple, rapid-fire punches, each with the strength of a Gou Bauren spell.
Wonrei and Li-en's Other Spells: Bauren, Redoruku, Rerudo, Gou Bauren, Gou Redoruku, Garu Redoruku, Raou Dibauren, Gou Rerudo, Dio Redoruku, Roufou Dibauren, Gaafou Dibauren, Goraiou Dibauren, Shin Goraiou Dibauren