Gani Fest (Ganii Festo ガニー・フェスト) and Gentleman (ジェントルマン Temporary name) are a minor mamodo team who is only seen in Manga chapter 282; while Arth and Elly have a flashback of their fights. Their spells are based on Strengthening. His partner name isn't known, but his provisory name is Gentleman (as Kikuropu's partner name). Based on Elly's flashback, Gani Fest was Arth's first enemy in the Mamodo battle.


While Arth and Elly and Karudio and Sauzaa fought the Heart Guardian, Elly remembered of their early fights. In the flashback, Elly was under effect of her injury, and when she searched for Arth, she found him fighting Gani Fest, but now was seriously injured, because Elly still don't wanted to read the spellbook. Elly then saves Arth life, by reading their first spell, which was needed to defeat Gani Fest. So Gani Fest was Arth's first enemy in the human world.


Japanese Name: Garuku (ガルク)
Type(s): Attack Episode: N/A Chapter: 282
Description: Spell that causes the sides of the mamodo's face to open up bearing many pointed teeth.
Known user(s):
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