Faigaru (Faigar)

Grisor and Dr. Hakase
English Incantation: Faigar
Japanese Incantation: Faigaru (ファィガル)
Meaning: Fai (ファィ) = Fire
-garu (ガル) = ???
Type: Attack Episode: 32
Chapter: N/A Video Game: N/A
Description: Faigar (ファィガル Faigaru) is one of Grisor spells. He shoots a small flame from his finger, and it's possibly his unic spell before he gets the Mirror powering. However, the genius Dr. Hakase created a few things to turn bigger his flame, and attack enemies from various forms, such as a rod that makes the fire much bigger and a radio that makes a smoke screen as well has let Dr. Hakase cast the spell from a great distance
Grisor and Dr. Hakase's Other Spells: Dino Faigar, Riapo

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