Mamodo Partner
Elzador Abiira Sabiira
エルザドル Eruzadoru アビーラ・サビーラ Abīra Sabīra

Elzador (エルザドル, Eruzadoru) is a dragon mamodo and the younger brother of Ashuron. Like his brother, he was 1 of the 100 chosen to participate in the battle to become king of the mamodo world. Also like his brother, he is also one of prodigies of the dragon clan. Unlike his brother he isn't a winged dragon.

Not much is revealed about him other than he was strong, as he along with Ashuron and two others are classifield as The Four Mamodo Prodigies. He also seems to held a lot of pride when he lost to a strong opponent and congratulates him and appect his defeat.

Later, in the battle to determine to the King, he meets a mamodo named Bari and engaged in battle with him, During the battle Bari believes he found "the challenge he was looking for" which makes him determined to do whatever he can to surpass Elzador. The battle ends with Bari burning Elzador's book. Before Elzador returns to the Mamodo World he congratulates Bari and is proud to have fallen to a mamodo as strong as Bari. Bari's battle with Elzador changes the way he looks at others as more than just adversaries. Elzador is last seen drinking barley beer with his brothers and in the postcard he sent to the mamodo partners. In the anime (and in the manga in the Dr. Riddles side story), he is seen during Dr. Riddles flashback, in episode 92, when he is invited to help him to defeat the Ancient Mamodo.


Abiira Sabiira (left)


Digaru Kurou
The Dragon-Claw Spell
Japanese Name: Digaru Kurou (ディガル・クロウ)
Type(s): Attack Episode: N/A Chapter:
Description: Elzador slashes the enemy with his claw.
Known user(s):

Agio Disugurugu
The Dragon-Tail Spell
Japanese Name: Agio Disugurugu (アギオ・ディスグルグ)
Type(s): Attack/Assist Episode: N/A Chapter:
Description: Elzador's mouth and teeth get strengthened and then he bites.
Known user(s):
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