Dorongyu (ドロンギュ), which may be his nickname and not his real name, is the younger brother of the "Great" Phantom Thief Doronma (real name "Kotaro Doronma") and the second son of Doronba of the Doronma (泥馬どろうま Dorōma) family of thieves. He has an admiration for his older brother, thinking he is really "great."


Dorongyu picks up his brother Kotaro "Doronma" from prison after his brother was released from prison. Doronma tells his brother that he plans on taking revenge on those who put in prison in the first place: Zatch Bell and Ponygon. Rather than using a car to travel to Mochinoki City, Dorongyu pulls Doronma in a carriage to the city.

Afer Doronma sends a message to Zatch that he'll take Zatch's most "precious treasure" at midnight, Doronma and Dorongyu kidnaps Pongyon at midnight, luring Zatch and Tia to the middle school where the "Great Doronma" lays booby traps in the school. Dorongyu and Doronma were surprised that Zatch and Tia came out unharmed when they triggered Doronma's booby traps. Zatch and Tia chases after Dorongyu and Doronma to take back Ponygon and Dorongyu and his brother chase after them when Zatch and Tia claim Ponygon back.

After being cornered by Zatch and Tia, when they lure Zatch and Tia to one of their final traps, Kiyo shows up and destroys the boulder trap with Zatch's Zakeru, then shocks Dorongyu and his brother and captures them.

Doronba and the others

Dorongyu and Doronma tied up. Their mother Doronba is angry.

While Dorongyu and Doronma were tied up, their mother Doronba arrives at school to defeat Zatch and Kiyo. Kiyo was out of commission for the battle when he triggered one of the "Great Doronma's" traps that sprung Kiyo out of battle for a while. However, after Kiyo returns, the Doronma family was shocked by Zatch's Baou Zakeruga where the family will be out cold for the night. By morning, they were arrested by the police.
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