Doragunon Dionaguru

Doragunon Dionaguru
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Japanese Incantation: Doragunon Dionaguru (ドラグノン・ディオナグル)
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Type: Assist Episode: N/A
Chapter: 236 Video Game: N/A
Description: Ted's sixth spell, known as his "Final Gear". Like his others, it is an attribute-increasing spell, and can only be used after the other five. It is Ted's strongest spell before his book is burned, but is surpassed by Shin Doraguna Naguru, which is later unlocked through the power of the Golden Spellbook.

The spell is used only once during Ted's battle with Gyaron and Cherish, in order to beat Gyaron and destroy the torture device he was given by Zeno to make Cherish fight on their side.

In the anime, Ted's most powerful spell is Makishimanu Naguru.

Ted's Other Spells:
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