Donpoccho (ドンポッチョ Donpoccho) and Goman (ゴーマン Gōman) are a minor mamodo team, who were seen only once. His spellbook was burned by Bari's Gigano Zonis. Their spells are based on Energy (according to the official guidebooks of the series, his abilities are based in sound), but in the manga no spells are seen. Nothing else is known about them.


The duo only appears (in both manga and anime) in a russian City, where they and Bari fight, but when Donpoccho is about to die, he "gives up" about being King. Bari gets more angry for this and decides to burn his book. Gigano Zonis is used, and the spellbook starts to burn while Goman is holding it. After the attack, Goman retreats while Donpoccho is launched off the building and disappears. The duo also appears in The Card Game. Donpoccho is an ogre-like mamodo who apparently isn't very smart. Goman is a boy who's afraid of the mamodo battles.


Japanese Name: Gireido (ギレイド)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 44 Chapter:
Description: Shoots electric missiles from his belt.
Known user(s):




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