Dioemuru Shudoruku

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Japanese Incantation: Dioemuru Shudoruku (ディオエムル・シュドルク)
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Type: Assist Episode: 110
Chapter: 175 Video Game: N/A
Description: Dioemuru Shudoruku is Ponygon's third spell. An enhanced version of Shudoruku, Ponygon gains red and gold flame-like armor over his entire body except for the tops of his forelegs, his neck, his muzzle, and his tail (which grows to resemble a typical horse's tail), as well as greatly increased durability, speed, muscles, and size. This spell also gives Ponygon the ability to generate and control great amounts of fire.
Ponygon's Other Spells: Shudoruku, Gou Shudoruku, Shin Shudoruku, Shudorusen, Shudorudo, Gigano Shudoruku

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