Dino Rigunoon

Dino rigurono
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Japanese Incantation: Dino Rigunoon (ディノ・リグノオン)
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Type: Attack Episode: 25
Chapter: 61 Video Game: Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury
Description: Rops' ultimate spell. Rops fires chains with steel anchors at the end from his hands, used in both its appearances to pick up large rocks. However, it is used in a different way each time: In the team's battle with Zatch and Kiyo, every hook was used to pick up a single massive boulder, but in their battle with Zeno and Dufort, a large chunk of ground was picked up by each hook. Since Apollo had some trouble controlling the spell in its first appearance, it's likely that the newer technique is a result of training, and could not have been done during the battle with Zatch.
Rops's Other Spells:

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