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Ancient Mamodo
Mamodo Stats
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
English Actor: Fred Tatasciore
Japanese Actor: Ryuuzaburo Ootomo
Current Partner Stats
Name: Roberto Vile.png
(Rōberuto Vairu)
Japanese: Issei Futamata
English: Steven Jay Blum
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Previous Partner Stats
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Mamodo Team Stats
The Dark Purple Book
Book Burned In Episode 84 And In Chapter 157.
Debut Episode: 79
Debut Chapter: 147
Book Burned By: Wonrei and Li-en

Demolt (デモルト, Demoruto) and Roberto Vile (ローベルト・ヴァイル, Rōberuto Vairu) are the final Ancient Mamodo/human team that Zatch, Kiyo and their friends face. Demolt is the last and most powerful of the Four Supreme Mamodo from a thousand years ago, and was nicknamed the "Crazed Warrior Berserker" because of his massive size and power. His spell powers revolve around the claws on his hands, one of his spells allows him to use them as a handheld weapon. However, Demolt is not very intelligent; his power as a servant of Zofis comes from his bookkeeper, Roberto Vile, whose mind is not controlled and who plans to use the Stone of Moonlight to control the minds of humans after Zofis becomes king. Demolt, after having his true self awakened, becomes annoyed with his bookkeeper and swallows him becoming more powerful. Zatch, Kiyo and his friends eventually use teamwork of their strongest and most helpful spells, Kiyo brings out Zatch's new spell, Zaguruzemu his other spell, Baou Zakeruga, which with combination of Laila’s Miberna Ma Migron, defeats him, and Wonrei hits Demolt with  Rao Diboren, which burns Demolt's book. Fearful for his life, the agitated Vile runs away shortly afterward.

While being controlled by Zofis, Demolt is the guardian of the Moonlight stone, which let Zofis control human minds. During the fight, Penny helps the team to defeat him and destroy the Moonlight stone with her So Giaku spell, but her spellbook is also burned in the process.

After the battle with Clear, Demolt is seen having a happy life in the Mamodo World.


The First Spell
Japanese Name: Zemoruku (ゼモルク)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 80 Chapter: 147
Description: Attacks using the blades on his arms.
Known user(s):

Oruda Zemoruk
The Multiple Zemoruks Spell
Japanese Name: Oruda Zemoruku (オルダ・ゼモルク)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 81 Chapter: 148
Description: The armor on his arms is shot at the enemy.
Known user(s):

Rigon Zemoruk
The Blade Spell
Japanese Name: Rigon Zemoruku (リゴン・ゼモルク)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 81 Chapter: 149
Description: Detaches the blades on his arms and uses them as a three-section staff.
Known user(s):

Hedyun Zemoruk
The Protection Spell
Japanese Name: Hedun Zemoruku (ヘドュン・ゼモルク)
Type(s): Assist Episode: 81 Chapter: 151
Description: Antler horns grow out of his head, protecting his weak points.
Known user(s):

Ragianti Zemoruk
The Cannon Spell
Japanese Name: Ragianto Ji Zemoruku (ラギアント・ジ・ゼモルク)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 82 Chapter: 152
Description: An enormous cannon is fired off of his shoulder.
Known user(s):

Diolem Zemoruk
The Purple-Flame Spell
Japanese Name: Dioemuru Zemoruku (ディオエムル・ゼモルク)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 80 Chapter: 152
Description: Purple flames engulf his arm.
Known user(s):

Baolo Yuruk
The Speed Spell
Japanese Name: Bauro Uruku (バウロ・ウルク)
Type(s): Assist Episode: 82 Chapter: 153
Description: Demolt flies with great speed.
Known user(s):

Girgadom Barsuruk
The Strongest Armor Spell
Japanese Name: Girugadomu Barusuruku (ギルガドム・バルスルク)
Type(s): Assist Episode: 83 Chapter: 154
Description: Gives Demolt powerful armor on major parts of his body. It also released Demolt from Zofis' complete control, leading to him turning on Vile. However, it's likely that under normal circumstances he would have entered a berserker state.
Known user(s):

Spellbook they burned

  • Penny, at the Devolo Ruins (episode 82)
  • Byonko, at the Devolo Ruins (episode 82)


  • Demolt is the only Ancient Mamodo who was shown to burn more than one book.
  • Since Demolt was in the stone tablet that Kiyo's father showed him, Demolt is technically the very first Ancient Mamodo to appear.

Demolt as a Stone Tablet

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