DS18, nicknamed "4th Generation Vulcan 300" (四代目バルカン300 Yondaime Barukan 300) and "Fourth Generation" (四代目 Yondaime) by Zatch Bell and his friends, is a supporting character of the second film Zatch Bell! Attack of Mechavulcan. It is one of the DS Mecha series robots created by the mad mamodo scientist Dr. M2 and is the 18th unit of the DS Corps (DS軍団(ぐんだん DS Gundan). DS18 and the other DS Mecha were modeled after Future Kiyo Takamine's 4th Generation Volcan 300, which was a robotic toy.


After Dr. M2 traveled through space and time from the Mamodo World of the future into the Human World of the past, he sends DS18 to capture Kiyo and bring Kiyo back to Dr. M2's floating castle. After successfully retrieving Kiyo when Kiyo was chasing after the bus for seaside camp, Dr. M2 ordered DS18 to keep Zatch occupy so Dr. M2 could take Kiyo back with him to the future as his scientific partner.

DS18 saves Zatch from Naomi at the playground and fixed the beaten down 3rd Generation Volcan with DS18's repair equipment in its robotic hands and gives it back to Zatch. Zatch believes Kiyo made this giant robotic Volcan 300 for Zatch and Zatch plays around town with DS18.

When Zatch's friends meet DS18, DS18 gives Tia a flower as a sign of trust. Zatch and his friends ride in DS18 and over time, DS18's programming slowly changes as it learns friendship but it's still programmed to follow its creator's orders.

During the final battle, DS18 tries to protect Zatch and the others but was subjugated by the other DS Mecha units of the DS Corps. Under the orders of DS18, the entire DS Corps including DS18 magically fused together into a gigantic DS Mecha. DS18 became part of its hand and was able to defy DS18's orders and break its self away from the others.

After Zatch and the others destroy the nuclear core and try to restore it with their magic, DS18 sacrifices itself to Zatch's Baou Zakeruga to provide enough energy to reactivate the reactor and send Dr. M2 back to the future. All of the remaining DS Mechas disappear into the sky.

Powers and abilities

The DS Mecha series robots have built-in anti-air missiles inside its body, which are released through the cockpit inside their mouth. The entire DS Corps can magically merge and combine into one titan-sized "mechavulcan".


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