Coldhearted Foes

Japanese title
Season 1
Episode # 42
Chapter(s) 75-77
Japanese airdate February 1, 2004
English airdate January 21, 2006
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Coldhearted Foes is the forty second episode of the Zatch Bell!/Konjiki no Gash Bell!! anime.


Zatch comes down with a cold. Kiyo promises to come back after school but Zatch doesn't want to stay home alone. Kiyo ignores Zatch's pleas for help while noting that mamodo can catch colds.

Over at school Kiyo's friends are arguing with each other because each of them wants to talk to Kiyo. He suddenly gets worried that Ponygon brought Zatch to school. He ties up the two of them but Ponygon escapes blaming Kiyo. Kiyo's friends yell at him for that.

When Mr. Hidetoshi arrives and notices Ponygon, Kiyo is put on a class trial. He's declared guilty so Kiyo and Zatch fight. During the fight, Zatch passes out from his cold. At the same time, a fancy car pulls in front of the school.

Zatch awakens in the infirmary with Suzy watching him. They have a chuckle about the nurse being afraid of Ponygon. Kiyo tosses Zatch a doctor Volcan before leaving for class. After he leaves the infirmary Kiyo is greeted by Apollo. Kiyo wonders where Rops is only for Apollo to say that his book was burned.

At lunch, Kiyo heads to the rooftop to talk with Apollo. It turned out Apollo became the head of his family business. Apollo mentions that Rops was taken out in Holland by Zatch's look-a-like, Zeno. Apollo also talks about Zeno's bookowner, Dufort and how he carried a secret with him. Such a secret involved hatred and it got to Dufort a bit. He almost let slip a powerful spell but Zeno told him not to use it as it was a waste of strength.

Kiyo is heartbroken and vows to take down Zeno and Dufort for what they did. Meanwhile Zatch has nightmares about all the mamodos he fought and lost ending with a malicious grin from Zeno. Apollo leaves feeling happy that he talked with them. Zatch finds Kiyo in front of the school all better. He figures out that Rops' book was burned and promises to become a kind king no matter who they fought.

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