Chājiru Seshirudon (Chajiru Seshirudon)

02Chaziru Seoshidon
English Incantation: Chajiru Seshirudon
Japanese Incantation: Chājiru Seshirudon (チャージル・セシルドン)
Meaning: Chājiru (チャージル) = Charge
Se- (セ) = ???
-shiru- (シル) = Shield
-don (ドン) = Large
Type: Defense Episode: 149
Chapter: 266 Video Game: ????
Description: Chājiru Seshirudon (チャージル・セシルドン), known as Chajiru Seshirudon in the English Viz manga, is Tia's seventh spell. It was learned at the same time as Chājiru Saifodon, but could not be read until Tia awakened its power. It creates a massive shield, the appearance of which differs between the anime and manga. In the anime, it takes the form of three goddesses holding hands with a red sphere in the middle. In the manga, it takes the form of an enormous shield with a goddess' face on top of it, large fingers coming out of the sides, and a red jewel in the center.

In both versions, the execution of the spell is the same: the red jewel in the center of the shield reflects images of Tia's memories of the ones she wishes to protect, and the shield grows more powerful with each image. In the anime, as the shield's power grows, the top goddess gains two additional pairs of hands and the circumference of the shield widens, while in the manga, the shield is capable of instantly repairing damage inflicted to it.

Its power is strong enough to defend against a Dioga class spell, first being used to block Zeno's most powerful attack, Jigadirasu Uru Zakeruga (manga) and Jauro Zakeruga (anime) at a considerable level of power. After the 10 month training during the King's Festival Arc, it became strong enough to withstand a shot from Clear's Shin Kuria Seunousu Zarefedōra and later its entire cannon form.

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