Chājiru Saifodon (Chajiru Saifodon)

Chaajiru Saifodon card
English Incantation: Chajiru Saifodon
Japanese Incantation: Chājiru Saifodon (チャージル・サイフォドン)
Meaning: Chājiru (チャージル) = Charge
Saifo- (サイフォ) = Possibly Sword
-don (ドン) = Large
Type: Attack Episode: 121
Chapter: 186 Video Game: N/A
Description: Chājiru Saifodon (チャージル・サイフォドン Chājiru Saifodon), known as Chajiru Saifodon in the English Viz manga, is Tia's sixth spell, gained during a battle with Momon and Elle Chivas. It creates a floating sword similar to Saifojio with a goddess-like figure holding the blade and a crystal mirror in the figure's chest. Any recent bitter experiences are played back via the mirror, and the spell builds in power with each image; simultaneously, the goddess becomes more demonic and enraged in appearance. Once it is sufficiently charged, it is launched at the opponent, creating a large shock of energy upon impact.

While without a doubt Tia's strongest attack spell, its power only depends on how much anger Tia can muster. It does, humorously, seem to relieve Tia of the stress put into the spell, as she looks very pleasant after its usage. It is only used once in the anime but is utilized several times during the Faudo Arc in the manga.

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