Wind Magic is a type of elemental magic involving wind and air. Wind Magic can be used for many purposes including offense (i.e. wind can be deadly at high pressure), defense (e.g. deflecting projectiles with the wind), trapping (i.e. trapping people inside a tornado or slowing them down with a frontal wind blast), and support (e.g. using wind to boost your speed or to escape).

In conjunction with Vortexes Vortex Magic, a type of rotational-based magic often associated with Wind Magic, wind magic can conjure rotational-based winds such as tornadoes, twisters, and cyclones. The spell phrase used for wind magic, in general, is "Jikiru" (ジキル, "Jikir" in the English dub). "Uigaru" (ウイガル, "Wigar" or "Ugar" in the English dub) is the spell stem for tornado-based magic.

In Zatch Bell! The Card Battle, the attribute for SPELL cards involving Water Magic is Tcb wind Wind.

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