Trickery Magic is a type of magic, usually supportive and sometimes strange or mysterious, that usually involves doing "magic tricks," tricking people mentally or physically, or even defying the laws of science. There are different types of magic categorized under Trickery Magic, including but not limited to:

  • Animation Magic: Magic that can turn non-living or non-existing objects into animate objects and may even give these objects a face. Also a form of Transformation Magic. The spell stem for Animation Magic is usually "Animu" (アニム) for animation, as well as "Zeberu" (ゼベル), which is specific for controlling/manipulating objects.
  • Escape Magic: Magic specifically used to flee from a battle or scene.
  • Illusion Magic: Magic to manipulate illusions or alter a victim's senses. The spell stem for Illusion Magic is usually "Po" (ポ) for illusion.
  • Invisibility Magic: Magic to turn the user or a victim invisible or even camouflage them. Also a form of Transformation Magic.

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