Transformation Magic, also known as Shapeshifting Magic or Change Magic[1], is a type of magic that involves transformation (morphing into a stronger form, not to be confused with Strengthening Strengthening Magic), shapeshifting (simply changing appearance), or changing size. Cloning Magic could also be considered to be a form of Transformation Magic, as seen with the cloning spells Dima Buruku and Reri Buruku. The spell suffix "-ruku" (ルク) commonly involves transformations or shapeshifting on the user but it is also commonly used in Strengthening Strengthening Magic, powering up the user. "-Rugu" (ルグ) is another spell suffix used in Transformation Magic.

Some mamodos also physically changed when using Armor Armor Magic to size themselves up to the summoned armor.

Known practitioners

A lot of demons have some type of power-up magic. There are some, such as Ted, who purely use power-up magic to enhance their melee power.

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  1. Dr. M2 from Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Attack of Mechavulcan refers Kanchomé's attribute as the "element of change".

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