Sword Magic is a type of weaponry magic involving swords and to the extent, daggers, knives, and arguably bladed spears and lances and other bladed weapons. Bladed or sharp projectiles could also be considered Sword Magic in their own way. The spell phrase commonly used in Sword Magic is "Sorudo" (ソルド, sometimes dubbed as "Swordo"). The spell phrase used for dagger-based spells is "Dippu" (ディップ) and the spell phrase used for lance-based spells is "Ranzu" (ランズ, lit. "lance"). Spells that have a sharp edge, often seen as crescent-bladed projectiles, have the spell phrase "Kiroro" (キロロ).

Sometimes, Sword Magic can be associated with Martial arts Martial Arts Magic since weapon-based magic is sometimes associated with martial arts due to swordsmanship and kenjutsu (剣術, lit. "sword technique") falling under the martial arts category. Also, because sword blades are commonly made from metal, Sword Magic can sometimes be categorized under Metal Metal Magic with the exception of energy swords (purely), elemental sword magic, and swords made of non-metal material.

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