Strengthening Magic, also known as Enhancement Magic or Power-up Magic, is a type of magic that enhances one's physical or magical abilities. Such type of magic can (temporarily) strengthen a person's body or make their magic even more powerful. Not to be confused with Transformation Transformation Magic, which can be a form of Strengthening Magic when one transforms into a more powerful being or have transformed body parts. Both Strengthening and Transformation Magic, however, do commonly use "-ruku" (ルク) suffix, which usually involves power-ups, armor-ups, or transformation on the caster. The spell phase "Naguru" (ナグル) is used to physically power-up the user with a strengthening aura.

Armor Armor Magic could also be a form of Strengthening Magic when fortifying the user's armor if the user has one. Martial Arts Martial Arts Magic is also commonly associates with Strengthening Magic to strengthen the user's melee power.

Known practitioners

A lot of demons have some type of power-up magic. There are some, such as Ted, who purely use power-up magic to enhance their melee power.

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