Starter Set 1

Starter Set #1
Release date: September 8, 2006
Catalog ID: B000A45P6U

Starter Set #1 of Zatch Bell! The Card Battle is the first starter set released by Bandai in the United States, released on September 8, 2006, alongside Starter Set #2.

This starter set comes with 32 cards (with M-001 Zatch Bell {Kind King} being holographic), a red Spell Book, a game mat, the instructions manual, a red Zatch Bell coin, and a pack of 24 MP counters. The card listing in this starter set is the same to its Japanese starter set counterpart The Red Book and the Demon Child.


Number Name and subtitle Rarity MAMODO/PARTNER Category Qty Page
M-001 Zatch Bell {Kind King} Super Rare* Kiyo Takamine MAMODO 1 1
M-012 Kanchomé {Lucky Guy} Uncommon Parco Folgore MAMODO 1 14
M-014 Tia {Reliable Partner} Uncommon Megumi MAMODO 1 6
P-001 Kiyo Takamine Rare Zatch Bell PARTNER 1 4
P-008 Parco Folgore Super Rare Kanchomé PARTNER 1 16
P-009 Megumi Super Rare Tia PARTNER 1 8
S-001 Zaker {Thunder} Common Zatch Bell SPELL 3 3, 5, 11
S-002 Zaker {Thunder} Rare Zatch Bell SPELL 1 27
S-003 Rashield {Thunder} Uncommon Zatch Bell SPELL 2 12, 15
S-004 Jikerdor {Thunder} Common Zatch Bell SPELL 1 18
S-005 Bao Zakeruga {Thunder} Super Rare Zatch Bell SPELL 1 32
S-020 Poruk Common Kanchomé SPELL 1 17
S-021 Koporuk Common Kanchomé SPELL 1 29
S-022 Seoshi Common Tia SPELL 2 9, 23
S-023 Saisu Common Tia SPELL 2 21, 25
S-024 Ma Seshield Super Rare Tia SPELL 1 31
S-025 Let's get out of here! Uncommon All MAMODO SPELL 1 2
S-026 Ready! Rare All MAMODO SPELL 1 10
S-027 Hold on! Common All MAMODO SPELL 1 7
E-001 The Will to Protect Common EVENT 1 24
E-002 Tina Common EVENT 1 30
E-003 Yellowtail Common EVENT 1 20
E-004 Friendship Curry Uncommon EVENT 1 13
E-008 Suzy Mizuno Uncommon EVENT 1 22
E-009 Kind King Uncommon EVENT 1 19
E-010 Kind Kiyo Uncommon EVENT 1 26
E-011 Iron Man Folgore Uncommon EVENT 1 28

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