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Shield Magic is a common type of magic, usually defensive magic, that involves shields or barriers, whether it is summoning a shield/barrier to defend an attack(s) or fortifying a shield's properties. Shield Magic is often incanted with "Shi" (シ), "Shiru" (シル), or even "Shirudo" (シルド, lit. "Shield") in the spell name. While "Shirudo" is mostly used for literal shields, "Shiru" is often used for spherical shields/force fields. While mostly used for defense, there are some Shield Spells that can be used for offense, such as Girudoruku. Some can also be used to incapacitate enemies such as Giga Ra Seushiru.

A lot of mamodos have some form of shield spells, usually one or two to defend against attacks. Tia is the only known mamodo to use Shield Magic as their primary spell type.

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