Series 4 Dawn of the Ancients
Series 4: Dawn of the Ancients is the fourth and final American booster card series for Zatch Bell! The Card Battle.


M-046 SR Ponygon (Shudoruk Form) {Accelerate}
M-074 SR Ponygon (Go Shudoruk Form) {Evade}
M-085 SR Goren of the Stone {Petrify}
M-094 U Reycom {The Joy in Vice}
M-095 U Sugino {Manipulator of Plants}
M-098 R Kido {Little Strategist}
M-099 R Penny {Maiden's Tactics}
M-100 R Zofis {Revenge}
M-103 SR Zatch Bell & Kanchomé {The Lucky Ones}
M-104 R Zatch Bell & Ponygon {The Reason for His Attitude}
M-107 SR Laila {Bounds of Partnership}
M-126 R Zatch Bell {Aura of Battle}
M-127 C Zatch Bell {Power of Friendship}
M-128 U Kanchomé {Determination}
M-129 U Tia {My Shield}
M-130 C Ponygon {Meru?}
M-131 U Kanchomé & Tia {Superstar & Popstar}
M-159 C Zatch Bell {Let's Go to the Mamodo World!}
M-160 R Laila {You Have Stopped Low}
M-162 C Brago {Dignity of a King}
M-163 C Zofis {The Light of the Moon}

P-031 U Kafk Sunbeam
P-041 C Kafk Sunbeam
P-051 U Hosokawa
P-052 C Haru
P-054 U Dr. Riddles
P-055 SR Koko
P-066 C Kiyo Takamine
P-068 C Parco Folgore
P-069 C Megumi

E-055 C Kane
E-056 SR Please Don't, My Lord!
E-057 C Cook
E-058 C This Must Be Love
E-059 U Present
E-060 SR Wake Up Mamodo From A Thousand Years Ago
E-067 U Naomi
E-068 R His Name Is Zeno

S-086 U Shudoruk
S-087 SR Go Shudoruk
S-088 C Strong Will to Win
S-134 U Shudoruk
S-135 U Go Shudoruk
S-147 C Gishield
S-148 U Lagikor Fang
S-149 C Gikor Garugo
S-150 C Ganzu Gikor
S-151 C Jugaro
S-152 C Barjuron
S-153 C Dio Jugaro
S-154 U Ganzu Jugaro
S-163 C Zerusen
S-164 C Zeburuk
S-165 C Am Zegar
S-166 C Koburuk
S-167 C Ganzu Zegar
S-168 R Gigano Zegar
S-169 C Oruda Kuran
S-170 C Akur Kiro
S-171 C Aku Rouk
S-172 R So Giaku
S-173 R Radom
S-177 U Gorgogeo
S-178 R Medoruk
S-179 SR Dioga Gorgogeo
S-215 U Zaker
S-217 R Bao Zakeruga
S-218 C Zakeruga
S-219 C Rauzaruk
S-220 U Ma Seshield

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