An SCPH-30000 model of the PlayStation 2 with DualShock 2 controller

PlayStation 2 (プレイステーションツー or Pureisutēshon Tsū), abbreviated as PS2, is a sixth generation 128-bit video game console developed and manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment and is the successor to the PlayStation. It was released on March 4, 2000 in Japan, October 26, 2000 in North America, November 24, 2000 in Europe, and November 17, 2000 in Australia.

Four Zatch Bell! video games were developed for PlayStation 2 with three of them also being available for the Nintendo GameCube with one of the three GameCube games having no GameCube release in Japan. The first Zatch Bell! game to be released on PlayStation 2 was Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Yūjō Tag Battle, which was later revised on the GameCube. Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Yūgō Tag Battle 2 was the first PlayStation 2 game to be localized in North America as Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles. An earlier PlayStation 2 title, Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Gekitō! Saikyō no Mamono-tachi, was later localized in North America as Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury.

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