Metal Magic is a type of elemental magic involving metal such as bronze, iron, steel, silver, gold, titanium, etc. A lot of weapon-based magic (especially bladed weapons) are made of metal, such as swords, axes, and other blades. Due to minerals being created from the earth, Metal Magic is technically categorized as Earth Earth Magic. There are several different spell phrases used for Metal Magic depending on the type of metal or weapon including:

  • Akusu (アクス, lit. "Axe") = Axe
  • Ga (ガ) or Garon (ガラン) = Spiked ball or spiked mace
  • Gazu (ガズ) = Axe blades
  • Zemo (ゼモ) = Metallic weapons

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See also: Sword users and Magnet users

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