Fire Magic is a type of elemental magic, usually offensive, that involves fire or flames. Fire Magic is the opposite of Ice Ice Magic. There are several spell phrases involving fire magic including "Emuru" (エムル, dubbed as "Em" or "Emur", and this phrase is often used for enhancing objects with flames), "Erumu" (エルム), "Fai" (ファィ, an anime-exclusive phrase), "Furei" (フレイ), and "Gadyuu" (ガデュウ, dubbed as "Gadyu" or "Gadyoo").

There are other forms of magic that are involved or may be involved with fire magic including Lava/Magma Magic (in combination with Earth Earth Magic) and Explosion Explosion Magic (explosion magic can cause fires and explosive flames such as Gigarado Shirudo are a thing), and Dragon Dragon Magic (for dragonfire spells like Teoburoa).

In Zatch Bell! The Card Battle, the attribute for SPELL cards involving Fire Magic is Tcb fire Fire.

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