Dragon Magic is a type of magic that involves summoning dragons or using draconic attacks. A form of Beast Beast Magic. The spell phrase "Dorago"(ドラゴ) relates to dragon while the spell phrase "Buroa" (ブロア) may be dragon fire or dragon breath.

Known magical dragons

Some known dragons that are summoned through magic are:

  • Baou (バオウ, "Bao" in the English dub): A lightning-elemental dragon created by Dauwan Bell, gifted to his Zatch Bell, which is potentially the strongest magical dragon as it was said to be one of the Mamodo World's most potential threat. Only a being of pure heart could truly master this power. Users with corrupted hearts will only be consumed by Baou's power, turning Baou and its user black, which not only makes Baou more dangerous but could also harm the user and those around the user.
  • Jiou (ジオウ): Another lightning-elemental dragon by Zatch (in the manga) created to be agile and fast.
  • Suou (スオウ, "So" in the English dub): Penny's water-elemental dragon.
  • Zeo (ゼオ): A light-blue recolor of the electrical dragon Baou, used by Zeno Bell in the video games.

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