Beast Magic, also known as Animal Magic, is magic that involves animals (any life that can move), such as summoning animals including mammals (including humans), birds, reptiles (such as Snake snakes, dinosaurs, or Dragon dragons), fish, etc. or empowering the user with animal-based attacks. This also includes mamodos (beast-like or humanoid) and artificial mamodos.

However, Beast Magic could cover more than just animals as it can also animate non-animals or objects (as Animation Magic), such as Plant plants or paper cuts, into animal-like status.

Definition of "Animal"

Animals (Kingdom Animalia) are scientifically living organisms that feed on organic matter, typically having specialized sense organs and nervous system and able to respond rapidly to stimuli.[1] They are one of the six kingdoms of life on Planet Earth, along with plants (plantae), fungi (fungi), protists (protista), eubacteria (eubacteria), and archaebacteria (archaebacteria).

In casual terms, animals are often referred to as non-human animate creatures as humans often not see each other as "animal", but the modern humans species (genus Homo sapiens) are scientifically categorized as an animal (categorized under the Kingdom Animalia) and as a species of great ape (genus Hominidae).

By the scientific definition, mamodos are also be considered to be animals ("magical animals" to be exact), having the ability to move and think on their own will, as well having basic animal survival needs such as food and water.


Animal comes from the Latin word anima, which stands for "life," "mind," or "spirit." The prefix anim- has the same definition.

Types of magic associated with Beast Magic

  • Dragon Dragon Magic: Magic used to summon dragons or use draconic attacks.
  • Divine Divine Magic: Magic used to summon deities or use godlike magic.
  • Snake Snake Magic: Magic used to summon snakes or use serpentine-based attacks.

Known practitioners

Animal summoners

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Mamodos that can create living creatures or animate non-objects. This may or may not be considered Beast Magic, but being "animated," they are considered "artificial animals" regardless of their appearance.


Mamodos that can clone their body. This may or may not be considered Beast Magic but being animate, duplicates of animals or mamodos are considered to be "artificial animals" or "artificial mamodos."

See also

Animation Magic

Cloning Magic


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