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Japanese Name 千年前の魔物
Japanese Rōmaji Sennenmae no Mamono
Japanese Translation Demons from Thousand Years Ago
First appearance (anime) Episode 22 (indirectly)

The Ancient Mamodo (千年前の魔物 Sennenmae no Mamono, lit. "Demons from Thousand Years Ago") are numerous characters that appear initially in the first season, but make their official participation in the second one. They are the remnants of the 100 mamodos from the last battle who were defeated by Goren's Dioga Gorugojio, then turned to stone tablets, conveniently sealed with their spellbooks, due to its effect. They remained this way for 1000 years until they were freed by Zofis during the next mamodo battle.


Because the ancient mamodos were turned to stone for 1000 years, most had become fearful of the thought of returning to the stone prison. Some came to rely on this fear as strength, such as Pamoon. Others, like Layla, become so afraid of returning to stone that they did things in conflict with their true nature.

Ancient mamodos and bookkeepers as teams

In the past the ancient mamodo had normal human partners just like the present ones. However, after being freed by Zofis, they were paired with an unknown brainwashed human who was able to read the ancient mamodos' spellbook. Some humans were not brainwashed, such as Gensou. Their attack behavior varied, most viewed them as expendable puppets turned cold by being imprisoned in stone. The manipulated humans had no knowledge of what they were doing, and, despite being the descendants of the original book keepers, very few of them could use the book. Zofis's plan was to simply use The Moonlight Stone to rob them of their free will and make them mindless slaves, just like his own partner, Koko. This makes them completely obedient to the ancient mamodos they are paired with, though they are more like servants than partners. In fact, most ancient mamodos don’t even know their human partner's names. The Moonlight Stone also grants them unlimited heart energy allowing them to cast an infinite number of spells without rest. This odd partnership is one benefit as the humans lack self preservation, and now they will never hesitate or run away as they have no control. This system also has some major down sides because the human is mindless. They can't contribute anything to the partnership aside from casting spells. Also, they will not try to dodge an attack nor will they try to protect their spellbooks. In the end when the ancient mamodo spellbooks are burned the the humans go back to their lives with no recollection of their time with the mamodo. However, Albert Albert remembers Laila due to the fact that their book was not burned when the moonlight stone was destroyed by Penny.

Ancient Mamodo
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