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Mamodo Partner
Black Knight Fukurou
黒騎士 Kurokishi フク口ウ Fukurou
Black Knight and Fukurou.png

The Black Knight (黒騎士 Kurokishi) is a large centaur mamodo who is one of the Mamodo World's strongest warriors and a guardian of the Mamodo World who fights for justice, inheriting the title "Demon World Strongest Warrior" (魔界最強の戦士 Makai Saikyō no Senshi). His owl companion Fukurou [フク口ウ, which literally translates to "Owl" (梟)] scouts for criminal activities and mostly talks in Black Knight's stead.


Fukurou proclaims that the Black Knight is Demon World's strongest warrior. However, the Black Knight has a major weakness: Whenever he dashes forward, he is unable to turn his body until he makes a complete halt and he usually doesn't stop moving unless if he is stopped by a wall or a cliff.

The Black Knight has a special white spellbook, protected in his manor. His white spellbook has the power of "suppression," negating and absorbing enemy spells and to be able to use the enemy's stolen spells with their spellbooks ultimately turning colorless after losing all of their spells. However, in the current Battle to Determine King of the Mamodo World in the first movie, a mamodo teenager named Wiseman stole the white spellbook and snuck into the Human World when he traded places with Zatch Bell.

With the White Spellbook stolen and with Zatch and Kiyo appearing in Mamodo World and when Fukurou found them, the Black Knight suspected Zatch and Kiyo that they stole the spellbook, locking them up in an impenetrable metal green cage conjured by the Black Knight's spiral lance. When Zatch argues with the Black Knight and when he was going to retaliate for Zatch's rudeness, the Black Knight spared their lives due to being hungry at the time.

Later, after Zatch and Kiyo were freed from the Black Knight's cage spell by the school principal, Black Knight and Fukurou learned the truth and brought Zatch and Kiyo back to the tree where they first entered the Mamodo World from Human World. The Black Knight would be powerless without his White Spellbook if he were to go into the Human World (due to spells being restricted to spellbooks in the Human World) so he and Fukurou put their fates on Zatch and Kiyo to defeat Wiseman.


Unnamed Cage Spell
The Snake Cage Spell
Japanese Name: N/A
Type(s): Immobilization Episode: 101st Devil Chapter: N/A
Description: The Black Knight throws his lance at the ground near the enemy, summoning snakes that form into a large, impenetrable metal cage to trap his foes, usually criminals or suspects. The cage cannot be destroyed and the only known mamodos who can dispel the cage back into snakes are the Mamodo King and the school principal. The Black Knight can cast this spell without providing a spell incantation.
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