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Battle at the Park! Zatch vs. Kiyo!?

Japanese title
Kanji 公園ファイト! ガッシュVS清麿!?
Rōmaji Kōen Faito! Gasshu tai Kiyomaro!?
Translation Park Fight! Gash vs. Kiyomaro!?
Season 2
Episode # 54
Arc Ancient Mamodo Arc
Chapter(s) 104
Japanese airdate April 25, 2004
English airdate June 3, 2006
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Battle at the Park! Zatch vs. Kiyo!? is the fifty-fourth episode of Zatch Bell!/Konjiki no Gash Bell!! anime and the fourth episode of Season 2.


Zatch and Kiyo are at the park playing. They decide to play a game of kick the can, where the person who is "it" must protect their can and catch the other players who are hiding. Zatch is "it" and he must search for Kiyo, Suzy, and Ponygon. Zatch instead finds Kiyo's other friends and drags them into the game. Kiyo then decides to be "it" probably mainly cause they are not playing the game smoothly. Kiyo caught wife first easily, probably due to her testing remotes with her husband. Kiyo caught 2 of his friends (Iwajima and Kane) because they were running towards Kiyo from both sides which Kiyo tells them that there is no point in getting caught in the middle because of his just right there. Suzy and Ponygon were winning but was caught due to Mizuno mixing up "Kick the can" game with "Darumasan ga Koronda" (a.k.a. Statues Game). Kiyo used this and Mizuno and Ponygon "froze" on the spot and Kiyo caught them as well. In the dub Kiyo mentions that the can still has fruit in it and Suzy freezes to not kick the fruit.

Kiyo caught everyone except for Zatch and when he appeared it was a race to reach the can, but he is run over by Naomi and her toy car but at the same time Naomi knocks over the can as well. Later, they all have a picnic together under a tree. After Kiyo's friends leave, Kiyo and Zatch build sand castles together. Penny appears from the sky and destroys Zatch's castle before introducing her three mamodo minions. She reveals her minions are Mamodos from a thousand years ago and that they're going to help her burn Zatch's book.

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