Barugirudo Zakeruga

Barugirudo ZakerugaFakemon im spriting
Zeno and Dufort
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Japanese Incantation: Barugirudo Zakeruga

(バルギルド・ザケルガ )

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Type: Attack Episode: 20
Chapter: 233 (Flashback) Video Game: N/A
Blue lightning
Description: Barugirudo Zakeruga is one of Zeno's spells, which appears in the anime and manga. An enhanced version of Zakeruga, it causes a tremendous burst of a lightning strike from above that is able to fry an enemy. This was first used against Baltro for their failure in capturing Zatch and Kiyo which results in his book being burned. In the manga its power caused Cherish to be passed out from the pain which lead to her fear of Zeno's lightning, and it was strong enough that she needed to be soaked in Faudo's recovery liquid to wake up. This spell also induced Cherish a very severe fear of lightning, forcing her to abide by Zeon's orders.
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