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Mamodo Partner
Baltro Steng
バルトロ Barutoro ステング Sutengu

Baltro (バルトロ Barutoro) and Steng (ステング Sutengu) are the major mamodo team Zatch and Kiyo encounter on their trip in England. Baltro is skilled in Manipulation Magic via flower implants.


Not much is known about Baltro and Steng's history. Steng used to be a boxer until he met Baltro, who stepped into the ring uninvited. It is presumable that, after learning of Baltro's power, Steng quit this job and took over the castle where they lived while terrorizing the surrounding villages. Baltro would send knights controlled using his flowers to steal food and money. If none was found, the knights would kidnap villagers, always leaving his flowers behind. Because of this the team became known as The Devil of the Flowers. Around six months later, Zeno asked them to capture Kiyo's Takamine's father, who Kiyo and Zatch go looking for when they come to England to visit him. Despite the traps set all around the castle, the team managed to find their way to Baltro and Steng and figure out their weakness, beating them and freeing the kidnapped villagers, including Kiyo's father and Kory's parents. Baltro and Steng are tied up, but they escape and cause the castle to collapse while they flee into the forest. However, Zeno stopped them in their tracks and burned Baltro's book for his failure.


The Manipulation Spell
Japanese Name: Zeberuon (ゼベルオン)
Type(s): Assist Episode: 20 Chapter: 43
Description: Baltro controls any objects that have flowers on them.
Known user(s):

The Manipulated Attack Spell
Japanese Name: Zeberusen (ゼベルセン)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 20 Chapter: 43
Description: Baltro sends any objects attached to flowers at his opponent.
Known user(s):


  • Baltro is the first Mamodo to ever be seen wearing armor.
  • In the English dub, the Zeberu spell is referred to as Zeberuon, its Japanese name, when Baltro uses it to make himself and Steng disappear from the battlefield.
  • According to the databook:
    • They appeared in England.
    • Baltro's attack attribute is manipulation.
    • Baltro is 5 years old.
    • Baltro's favorite foods are fish, bread, cactus, and crayfish.
    • Baltro's favorite hobbies are boxing and gardening.
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