Babiou Gunoobio

Babiou Gunobio
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Japanese Incantation: Babiou Gunōbio (バビオウ・グノービオ)
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Type: Attack Episode: 137
Chapter: 248 Video Game: N/A
Description: Vabio Gunoobio is Jedun's ultimate spell. It summons a group of gigantic serpents that emerge from Jedun's body. He can then control them to attack the enemy. It was first seen as one of the attacks that were used to break the seal of Faudo (meaning its power at least as much as a dioga-class spell), and is seen for a second time after Jedun's Godufa powerup in a battle against Zatch Bell. Due to Godufa's power, the snakes are metal-plated, but they still prove no match for Baou Kurou Disugurugu.
Jedun's Other Spells: Gunobion, Garubabion

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