Baberuga Gurabidon (Baber Gravidon)

Baberuga Gurabidon
Brago and Sherry Belmont
English Incantation: Baber Gravidon
Japanese Incantation: Baberuga Gurabidon (バベルガ グラビドン)
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Type: Immobilization Episode: 77
Chapter: 143 Video Game: ????
Description: Baber Gravidon is Brago's sixth spell. An enhanced version of Gravirei, it creates a massive gravitational field around a fixed area, capable of leveling a multi-story building and covering a massive range. The crushing power of this spell is shown to be capable of extending to several miles beneath the earth's and ocean's surface.

Brago's first usage of this spell allowed him to defeat 10 mamodo at the same time, the gravity generated by this spell mighty enough to indirectly set fire to their books. Baber Gravidon's power has shown to be capable of easily defeating attacks such as Zofis's Digan Teoradom as well as tripping the massive Faudo.

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