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An Assassin is one of the villains in Zatch Bell Manga. He uses a green gun. The assassin tries to jump out of the bush, as he got Megumi as he calls her highness He tries to chase Megumi, so he could find Marie. The Assassin tries to get in the guy's limosine as he tries to kidnap her, when the guy tells the assassin to get out. He says "I don't think so! Not without the girl!!" When Tia and Marie tries to find Megumi kidnapped, as the assassin once again tells Megumi where Marie was. Megumi tells him once again that she doesn't know. When Tia uses her spell book, the assassin is ready to kill Marie. He gets hit by Tia's spell, when he dies.


The assassin wears a blue tie with a purple shirt, a black suit jacket, black suit pants, and his black shoes. His hair is brown, and his eyes looks very evil with a scar on his face. His weapon is the green pistol.


"Hold it right there your highness! I gotca!"

"I don't think so! Not without the girl. Hey you ain't no princess! What's going on!"

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