Ashirudo (Ashield)

English Incantation: Ashield
Japanese Incantation: Ashirudo (アシルド)
Meaning: A- (ア) = Possibly short for Aku- (アク) for Water
-shirudo (シルド) = Shield
Type: Attack Episode: 52
Chapter: 101 Video Game: Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury
Description: Ashield (アシルド Ashirudo) is one of Penny's spells. A shield is made from water that can block or absorb attacks, like Zatch's lightning spells. Penny can then use Aku Supureido to use Ashield's water and reflect the absorbed attack back at her opponents. It is shown to to be strong enough to easily block Zatch's Zakeru and even send the attack back at him.
Penny's Other Spells: Akuru, Aku Supureido, Oruda Akuron, Akuru Kiroro, Akurouku, Suou Giakuru, Ganzu Akuru, Akuruga, Shin Suou Giakuru
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