Another Zatch

The Other Gash
Japanese Title Screen
Japanese title
Season 01
Episode # 21
Arc England Arc
Chapter(s) 47, 48
Japanese airdate August 31, 2003
English airdate July 30, 2005
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Another Zatch (もうひとりのガッシュ, Mou hitori no Gasshu; lit. translates to The Other Gash) is the twenty first episode of the Zatch Bell! anime.


After Zatch and Kiyo rescued citizens of London from Steng in the previous, the citizens and the gang threw a party. The next day after Kiyo talks to his father about Zatch's amnesia and the Mamodo Battle, Zatch and Kiyo traveled towards the forest called "The Fairy Woods," where Seitaro Takamine originally found Zatch. On their way there they came across a village, but the villagers were terrified upon seeing Zatch since they know someone similar to him. Right before they went inside the forest, they found Tia and Megumi. Tia was mad and attacked Zatch. The reason for this was because, while Megumi and Tia were taking their last shot in England, they seen someone similar to Zatch in the woods, but in silhouette, and the boy ignored Tia's welcome and hid. Kiyo explained to them that there was "another Zatch." But Megumi and Tia couldn't investigate with Zatch and Kiyo so Zatch and Kiyo investigated the forest by themselves. Zatch then went missing.

Zatch was being chased by snakes and Professor D'artagnan, in a fairy costume, saves Zatch from the snakes and Kiyo chases after him, assuming that Zatch kidnapped him so he caught him. After hearing about an explosion that happened in the forest, Zatch and Kiyo went to the spot where there was an explosion. It appeared to be a meteor crate. Zatch got scared and his body started glowing brightly gold around the whole area. After the light ended, Zatch remembered the time he was in that forest as he used to live in this forest. When Zatch couldn't find a bookkeeper upon arriving in the human world, he would make a home in the forest and play with the animals in the forest. Some time while Zatch was living in the forest, his look-alike and his bookkeeper entered the forest, attacked Zatch with Zakeru and wiped out Zatch's memories instead of sending back to the Mamodo World. But that was all Zatch can remember; he still don't remember his life back in the Mamodo World. Kiyo pulled out the red spellbook and it started glowing. Zatch now learned a fourth spell. The mysterious look-alike was watching them.

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Tia seeing a Zatch-look alike in the woods Vlcsnap-2012-04-15-17h22m33s203 Zatch's body glowing near the explosed site Zeno watching over Zatch and Kiyo


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