The following takes place prior to the Faudo Arc. In the Mamodo fight that took place 1000 years before the current one, one competitor, Goren of the Stone, possessed the ability to transform Mamodo into small tablets eliminating them from the fight without sending them back to the Mamodo world. In the current battle, Zofis discovered a way to revive these imprisoned mamodo, and also discovered that the descendants of their original bookkeepers could use their spellbooks. Zofis brainwashed most of the bookkeepers, and convinced the ancient mamodo to do his bidding by threatening to turn them back to stone if they didn't comply with his orders. They were all eliminated by a group organized by Kido and Dr. Riddles.

Mamodo Team

The Mamodo Team is a team formed by Dr.Riddles. He and his mamodo, Kido, were searching for allies to help them defeat the mamodo from 1000 years ago. If they agreed to help, then Dr. Riddles would bring the Majestic 12 to have them answer a question, then test them in a battle to help them gained new spells to make them stronger. The allies he recurited are: Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine, Tia and Megumi, Kanchome and Parco Folgore, Wonrei and Li-en, and Brago and Sherry Belmont (although Brago and Sherry didn't join him as they work alone). The team's purpose was to defeat Milordo-Z (Zofis) and free the human's and mamodo being controlled by him. They also had to destroy the Stone of Moonlight which made Zofis's power stronger. During their battle they made several allies including Ponygon and Kafka Sunbeam, Laila and Albert, Pamoon and Lance, and even Zofis's own allies Penny and Uri and Byonko and Alvin joined up with them. They succeeded in their mission to free the human's and mamodo when the Stone of Moonlight was destroyed and Brago burned Zofis's book.