Amu Gurunaguru (Amu Guranaguru)

Amu Guranaguru
Brago and Sherry Belmont
English Incantation: Amu Guranaguru
Japanese Incantation: Amu Guranaguru (アム グラナグル)
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Type: Strengthening Episode:
Chapter: Chapter 310 Video Game:
Description: Amu Guranaguru is one of Brago's spells, It enhances Brago's arms with gravitational force, allowing for faster and stronger physical attacks that cause massive damage in close combat. The spell may also increase gravity's effect on those who are hit by it.

It was only used once, to pummel Clear Note in the final battle before Zatch arrived. Clear was so surprised by its power that he immediately transformed into his third form.

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