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Albert (アルバートArubāto) is the butler to the French royal family of Belmont. He's been Sherry's guardian ever since Sherry's mother perished.

When Sherry was chosen as Brago's bookkeeper, Albert was very protective to Sherry. Albert did not like the way Brago was training Sherry. Brago attempted to choke Albert to death for standing in his way of training until Sherry attempted to suicide herself, to prevent Brago from becoming stronger or King. Brago had no choice but to listen to her.

But being a friend and guest to the Belmont family, Albert treats Brago royally, referring to him as, "Master Brago." As cruel and as dark as Brago appears to be, Albert can see that deep down in Brago's soul, Brago could become a good but strong king.

In episode 47 while away from their hotel, Sherry, Brago, and Albert adventure up a snowy mountain. They came across a grizzly bear attacking a boy named Jeff and the boy's maternal grandfather. Jeff's grandfather was injured. Albert patched Jeff's grandfather's wounds back at the cabin. After Brago calls Jeff a coward and walks off, defeating the bear for Jeff, Albert could see kindness within Brago's cold-hearted soul.



  • Albert may possibly be based on Alfred from Batman. While Alfred is the butler to Batman, Albert is a butler with some knowledge about mamodos, having a mamodo living with them and seeing a mamodo destroying their home.


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