Zatch Bell!
Zatch Bell!

A Kind Mamodo, Kolulu

Kolulu and Lori as "sisters"
Japanese title
Season 01
Episode # 08
Arc Koruru Arc
Chapter(s) 16, 17, 18
Japanese airdate May 25th, 2003
English airdate April 23th, 2005
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A Kind Mamodo, Kolulu (やさしい魔物コルル Yasashii mamono Koruru) is the eighth episode of the first season of Zatch Bell! series. It's airdate on EUA was in 2005, (April 23th)[1] and added a major role to the protagonist, who now wants to become a kind king. It was directed for Tetsuji Nakamura, Takao Imazawa, Yukio Kaizawa, Hiroyuki Kakudo and Takenori Kawada[2]. Philece Sampler make a guest appearence as Lori (Shiori in the original), Kolulu's bookkeeper[1].


When a teenager named Lori finds a strange orphan girl named Kolulu, (Koruru in the original and in the Manga dub) she decides to have her as a sister and care for her. They like each other, and quickly looks like real sisters. Meanwhile, Zatch goes to the park while Kiyo is on school, and finds her playing with a doll that reminds Volcan 300. Jealous for the quality of the doll and the attention that she gets from Lori, Zatch wants to have the same from Kiyo. After a few days, Lori discovers in Kolulu's backpack a strange book; but what she didn't expected, was that it would give her strange powers only by saying Zeruku. After Kolulu's transformation, she starts attacking people in the town. After a few time, she's forced to use the spell again, leading to a fight against they with Zatch and Kiyo. When Zatch discovers that the Mamodo is Kolulu and that she doesn't want to fight, he stop his attacks. Kolulu learns her second spell, Zerusen. In the end, Zatch is forced to burn her book, leading to sadness to Lori who will be alone again. Then he promises to Kolulu that he'll be a kind king, to stop the Mamodo battles.

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The episode was directed for Tetsuji Nakamura, Takao Imazawa, Yukio Kaizawa, Hiroyuki Kakudo and Takenori Kawada; and was produced for Koji Kaneda, Kyotaro Kimura, Hiromi Seki, Shinichiro Tsuzuki and Akira Fujita (Only in English production)[2].


  • While in the manga, Kolulu kills three people, in the anime she was stopped By Zatch's Zaker[3].
  • Lori is later seen in the episode Apollo The Free Traveler.
  • In the original episode, Lori gets hit by Kolulu's claws and starts losing her blood, but in the English one, the majority of the blood was cut out.

English Cast

Debi Derryberry - Zatch Bell

Quinton Flynn - Kiyo Takamine

Philece Sampler - Lori

Dave Wittenberg - Ponygon

Michelle Ruff - Naomi