Zatch Bell!
Zatch Bell!

A Freezing Spell

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Japanese title
Season 01
Episode # 02
Arc Zatch Arc
Chapter(s) 2, 3
Japanese airdate April 13, 2003
English airdate March 12th, 2005
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Previous episode The Lightning Boy From Another World
Next episode The Second Spell!

A Freezing Spell (氷結呪文ギコルVSザケル Hyōketsu jumon Gikoru tai Zakeru) is the second episode in both season and series overall.


Kiyo stays up all night trying to decipher Zatch's red book, but none of the foreign language dictionaries can translate the language. That morning, Kiyo yells at Zatch and tells him he is embarassing, but Zatch doesn't understand what he means. On the way to school, Kiyo notices an entire river has frozen due to another boy who looks like Zatch. The two, named Reycom and Hosokawa, jack a car and drive off.

Suzy goes to the bank to get money to buy Kiyo a smoothie for saving her, but is caught in a hostage situation by Reycom and Hosokawa. Zatch and Kiyo hear about it from the TV news, but Kiyo believes the situation is too dangerous and ignores it. Zatch, however, tells him he must change, and saving Suzy will help him change. The two then hurry over to the bank.

Zatch and Kiyo successfully enter the bank. Kiyo keeps coming up with plans to foil the robbers, however Zatch keeps ruining his plans. Kiyo finally manages to set up Zatch to use Zaker without hurting the hostages, however Zaker will not work for some reason. Hosokawa commands Reycom to use Gikor and freezes Zatch, then tells Kiyo he'll only unfreeze Zatch if Kiyo hands over the book. Kiyo refuses to hand over the book, and Zatch is unfrozen. Kiyo then casts Zaker again, only this time it works and stops the robbery. Reycom and Hosokawa gets away, and swear revenge. Meanwhile, Zatch's spellbook glows, and the second spell Rashield is now able to be read.

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  • In the manga the bank robber is a nameless man, instead of Hosokawa in the anime.
  • In the original episode, Hosokawa has a high-acurracy gun; but it was replaced for a strange blue gun in the English one.
  • In the beginning of the episode Zatch wants to hold the TV but he's too weak, but after he learn the second spell, he can hand it with one hand; meaning that spells give an "extra ability".