Zatch Bell!
Zatch Bell!

A Day With Zatch

Japanese title
Season 1
Episode # 26
Arc Mamodo Battle Arc
Chapter(s) 32, 33
Japanese airdate October 5, 2003
English airdate September 3, 2005
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A Day With Zatch is the twenty sixth episode of the Zatch Bell! anime.


One day, Zatch does not follow Kiyo to school but goes off to play by himself. After helping out Ivy at the botanical garden, Zatch decides to have lunch on a hilltop with a nice view, but he cannot find his box lunch! It seems that he dropped it when Naomi was chasing him.

Suddenly, a giant old woman named Nana Baba sits next to Zatch. Disappointed that he lost his lunch to a girl, she shares her lunch with him. Zatch decides to return the favor by helping Nana Baba find her son, Tadashi, and his new fiancé, Hiromi. After trying the police station, Zatch notices how worn down Nana Baba's clothes are. Apparently she crossed three mountain ranges on foot to see Hiromi without Tadashi knowing.

Zatch suggests they look for Tadashi's room to find out where his fiancé is. He mentions using his sense of smell to find Hiromi the same way he found Kiyo. She says that she hates girls who wears cheap jewelry and short skirts while showing her a mother's wrath. Zatch freaks out when he spots someone who has those clothes but also a yellow tanktop and pink hair. She gets on a bus and Nana Baba chases after it. Zatch runs ahead of her but runs into the bus when it stops at a red light.

Zatch wakes up to find Nana Baba talking with Hiromi. He freaks out but Nana Baba gives her a wedding ring that she got from her own husband. She accepts and calls Nana Baba 'mother.' Zatch then heads home wondering if his own mother was like that. Kiyo notes Zatch was late but also that he's grown a bit.

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