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Wonrei (ウォンレイ Wonrei) and Li-en (リィエン Rīen) are a mamodo and human team that assists the main protagonists during the first two main arcs of the series. When first introduced, is revealed that Li-en loves Wonrei, fact that only happens between this mamodo team and Yopopo and Djem. After Zatch and Kiyo help Li-en free Wonrei from the cage where he was, the duo starts helping them. Their spells are based on Martial Arts, as both Li-en and Wonrei already have trained their Kung-Fu abilities, such as Genso. During the Ancient Mamodo Arc, they helped the Squad to get inside the Devolo Ruins and assisted them to defeat the Ancient Mamodo, but Wonrei got seriously injured by Tsaolon's spells, and later was mortally wounded by Demolt, and later was revived by Tia's Saifogeo. Later, during the Faudo Arc, the duo assisted Riou to free Faudo from it's seal, with their strongest spell, Goraiou Diboren, and later turned on them, and start helping the squad who was trying to stop Faudo, by confronting Rodeaux and Chita. In the manga, they fight Poosophagus, but in both versions they're defeated and the book is burned.

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