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Victoream (ビクトリーム, Bikutorīmu) is a strong mamodo that Zatch and friends find at the Devolo Ruins. He is one of the one thousand year mamodos that Zofis freed from stone. Victoream thinks of Kanchome and Folgore as his slaves. As Zatch and Tia are fighting Victoream, Kanchome and Folgore bring him a melon, in which he eats quite quickly and starts singing the song "Very Melon", inspired by the fruit that Folgore had gave him. When all of them interrupt the song, he gets very mad and Kanchome. The others learn that he is actually very dangerous when he gets interrupted or ignored.

When Zatch is battling Clear Note, he is one of the many mamodo who appear from his golden spell book. He claims that he is only helping because when they sent him back, he was given a melon seed which gave birth to a million melons.

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